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Chakra Sound Journey - Sound Healing with David Sloves and Sarah JennessSound Journey with David and Sarah

A blissful intersection of energy healing, guided meditation and multi-instrumental sound therapy.

We developed this core program in Bali as a way to help people feel into themselves and increase/release energy. The session begins with a brief introduction and some gentle group vocal exercises. Then the class lays back in a supported savasana, or any position that is comfortable, for a 45-minute sound journey.

With guided meditation and acoustic sounds, we lead the group from root to crown and back down, resolving in the heart. We take the instruments around the room around and over the participants, giving individual healing attention.

We have held workshops in Bali and around the U.S., including Nashville, New York City, Woodstock, Chicago, Madison, Kripalu Yoga Center, Bhakti Fest and all over the SF Bay Area.

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"David and Sarah's sound journey takes you into another world. It activates your chakras, while still being soothing and healing. An incredible experience!"

~ Anodea Judith, author of Eastern Body-Western Mind and Wheels of Life

"Thanks once again for hosting today's class. It has already made such a difference for me. I have recently been going through the grad school process and I have had major writer's block. Before your class, I set my intentions to remove any blocks in keeping me from expressing my truth. When I returned home, I started writing and the words began to flow. I felt such a connection with my higher self and connection to the Divine as well. I was grounded and able to really say what I needed to say! Thank you, thank you! I so look forward to your next class."

~ Emily N., Berkeley CA


Sound Healing Therapy with David SlovesSound Therapy with David

What's better than the sound of silence? The sound of music!

As a lifelong musician, I am passionate about using sound as a healing tool. Sound is vibration, as is the body. Used with healing intention, sound waves resonate with your physical body, from complex systems to individual cells. Certain sounds/music stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, initiating the "relaxation response"- slower heart rate, respiration and brainwaves. This creates a perfect internal atmosphere for healing on many levels- physical, mental, and especially, as we have all felt with some music, emotional.

In treatments with individuals and groups, I use a carefully selected collection of instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, didgeridoo, frame drums, strings, flute, voice, and more. The wave frequencies and harmonic textures gracefully guide and support subconscious processing, emotional release and energetic cleansing.

Certified in Sound, Voice and Music Healing from the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS) in 2007, I have trained with master Silvia Nakkach, John Beaulieu, David Darling, Meredith Monk, Pauline Oliveros, Glen Velez, etc. I was Silvia's assistant teacher in the 2013-14 program at CIIS. I have the honor of collaborating with sound healers from around the world including Shervin Boloorian, Kailash Kokopelli, Pepe Danza, Daphne Tse, John de Kadt, Liza Lilintahl, White Star, Amma Sophia Rose, and many more amazing sound healers!

As a conscientious performer, I also love to accompany guided meditations, kirtans, and yoga classes by means of upright bass, percussion, sitar, and everything in my treasure chest of acoustic world instruments. Click here to view upcoming and past events, and click here to contact me about collaborating :)


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