Sarah & David ~

“Sarah and David's gentle spirits and empathetic awareness have helped me release stress-related tension I've had since childhood, helping so much with my personal journey to wellness.”
– Leslie, 50, Electronics Engineer, Coast Guard


“Sarah and Dave compliment each other and combine the best of Western and Eastern practices in strengthening and healing the
body. “
– Sue, 60, Senior Contract Administrator


Sarah ~

"Drawing from a deep knowledge of the body, Sarah skillfully assessed my symptoms of pain in my knees and lower back. With great care and attention to detail she showed me the interconnectedness within the body. Working together with the foam roller, strengthening exercises and stretches, she gave me the tools to empower and heal myself."
- Natalie, 28, Professional Dancer

 "Working with Sarah has helped me improve my posture, flexibility and endurance. Her knowledge, guidance and encouragement have smoothed my path to my goals."
- Tony, age 59, Software Entrepreneur

“As a client of Sarah's restorative yoga who struggles daily with energy, coordination and joint surgery-recovery issues, I can say that there's no one better at teaching, motivating and inspiring.”
– Mary, age 55, Community Activist

“I cannot say enough about Sarah and her incredibly positive energy. She is not only attentive to body but over-all wellbeing. My yoga practice has benefited immensely from her guidance and expertise. She is a gift!”
- Loren, age 43, Speech Pathologist

"Sarah saved my life, working with her has made me feel healthier, calmer, more balanced. I’m grateful for her calm, patient coaching and teaching."
- Dara, age 56, Disability Lawyer


David ~

“I don’t usually enjoy massage, getting them out of necessity. But David has turned that around for me. He has a sensitivity and attentiveness that many other massage therapists don’t have.”
– Susan, age 62, Professor

“I would recommend David not only to friends/family but my closest colleagues. His ability to touch and teach others of the stresses in their bodies is like no other. Go see him!"
– Patti, age 45, Muscular Therapist and Soft Tissue Specialist

“David, thanks to his genuine caring, flexibility and patience, is the first massage therapist ever to successfully accommodate my physical issues with lying on a table, allowing me to enjoy table massages for the first time!”
- Leslie, 50, Electronics Engineer, Coast Guard

"David has the intuition of a natural healer. Coupled with strong hands and a warm personality, this makes him a excellent massage therapist."
– Brian, 35, Director of Photography

"I feel like a wet noodle! The best massage I've ever had!"
– Seema, 55, Dentist

"David you have heard me say many times that I feel transformed after my sessions with you. Now I am finally putting it in writing! Even way back when when I first came to you, you were one of the first massage practitioners I had where I was able to truly relax rather than feeling the need to give a full critique of the massage in my head and/or jumping off the table because someone did not check in on pressure. Your style and technique allow for a deep massage into the muscle and tissue areas but in a gradual way. I am very grateful for your care, skill, and true ability to help bodies heal. Thank you for your dedication to the healing arts!"
– Chimene, 55, Real Estate Agent and Dance Instructor