Yoga, Personal Training, and Chakra Insight and Sound Healing with Sarah Jenness, CPT, RYT

Hatha and Restorative Asana Yoga

Hatha yoga sessions begin with an in-depth assessment of your needs and abilities; from this I create a sequence tailored to you. As you progress, the practice will be built upon and intensified as necessary. This individualized approach frees you to cultivate alignment, opening, and strength in your body- awakening your peaceful presence within. I specialize in working with beginners, but also assist experienced yogis with the alignment principles that deepen an existing practice.

My approach is ideal for addressing a wide array of injuries and health challenges.


Restorative asana yoga uses props to support the body and promote much-needed deep relaxation and healthy physiology. Measurable benefits include a reduction in blood pressure, blood sugar, and serum triglyceride levels; improved digestion and elimination; and a reduction of muscle tension throughout the body. Immeasurable benefits include stillness, spaciousness, and a deepened sense of compassion for yourself and others!

Restorative yoga allows the inner intelligence of our bodies to restore and rejuvenate. Himalayan and crystal bowls can be included to enhance relaxation.

Holistic Personal Training/Pilates Reformer

As a strength trainer, I guide my clients into optimal posture, creating ease in their joints and strength in their muscles. Becoming strong is empowering! We each have unique bodies with different needs, abilities, and past injuries. A good trainer recognizes that the training program must fit the individual, not the reverse.

If you recognize that true change comes from within, then you and I will make a great team. With support and guidance, you will learn exercises that address your specific needs. Together we will integrate dynamic actions that create muscle power, freedom, and ease within your body.

Chakra Insight Sessions with SOUND

As a yoga teacher and trainer, it is my fortune to witness the positive transformations in my clients' lives. For years I've been sharing the wisdom of yoga that has guided me, sometimes at the treadmill, and others on the yoga mat! As I listen to my clients I am inspired by each person's unique strengths, talents, and gifts.

Utilizing the yogic system of the chakras, I have developed a process that deeply awakens your own inner wisdom, providing you with insight and tools to break through limiting patterns and emotions. What are the chakras? Learn more here.

I offer one-on-one sessions in person and via Skype or phone. Through this in-depth, personalized session you will gain:


  • Clarity about your personal blocks, limiting patterns, and strengths
  • Self-empowerment through insight and perspective
  • Daily practices to break through limitations & achieve your goals


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